Thank you Salman and the entire team TRACON for the accurate planning, warm hospitality and for teaming up new & old friends with wonderful memories. I had an amazing time with the WOV Istanbul Group and I am back with cherishable memories forever. Wishing you a great success for your upcoming events.

Ahmed Shaikh Founder & Principal Architect, Ahmed & Associates


WOV is a great initiative. Architecture is a team work and WOV is a great initiative for architects, designers and manufacturers to come together to share ideas and knowledge and work as a fraternity and learn from each other to better themselves. Kudos to the organizers.

Anil Sharma Founder, A Sharma Associates


It was a brilliant event organized and the entire ethos of blending work with vacation was extremely appreciable. I wish you all the best for the future events.

Annkur Khosla Founder & Principal, Annkur Khosla Design Studio


WOV provided an excellent platform to interact with Industry Brands, in a stress-free environment. Besides getting exposure to some new Industry leaders, the structure allowed for more meaningful interactions. Spending time with fellow architects and exploring heritage as well as modern architectural sites was a bonus. Credit to the entire WOV team, for organizing the event flawlessly. I Wish them all the success in future editions.

Anupam De Founder, Anupam De & Associates


WOV is getting bigger and better. The wonderful interactions I had with other Architects & Designers are the memories which I will cherish. The presentations made by the various vendors were indeed full of knowledge and content. Big applaud to you all who had put all the efforts to make this event a memorable one. All the best!!

Ashlesh Wazkar Director, Raja Aederi Consultants Pvt. Ltd


WOV is a great platform to interact with partners and fellow architects in formal and informal way. I really enjoyed it. Keep it up, WOV was a great event!! All the best WOV for 2019.

Ashwin Aryamane Director, Concept Architectural Services Pvt. Ltd


WOV is a unique concept where Members of the design community not only meet with each other formally, but also get to know each other informally. This helps in fostering great relationships which translates into great self-development. This programme is designed in a beautiful way and kudos to team TRACON for organizing it so well and seamlessly.

Behzad Kharas MD & Chairman, The BNK Group


It was a wonderful experience with all at WOV Istanbul. Truly enjoyed with meticulously planned itinerary and day to day programs. Many ideas were exchanged within the fraternity friends during the event. Wish to be part of such events in future also. We all are thankful to all WOV Brands who extended their service for such programs to happen.

Dipen Gada Principal Designer and Founder, Dipen Gada and Associates


Hearty congratulations to Salman and team TRACON for organizing a warm and fabulous Event. Thanks to all the Brands for putting in their tremendous efforts in presentations and also the B2B sessions. I cherish a heartwarming, fun-filled trip with fond memories and new-found super friends!

Hemanti Sutaria Architect & Interior Designer, PSA


Congratulations to Salman Kafi and team TRACON for a fabulous second edition of “WOV” at Istanbul. Well-conceived and executed, it was a seamless confluence of work, fellowship and leisure. A fantastic platform stimulating interaction between peers & industry innovators, Work on vacation is indeed a brilliant concept integrating knowledge through interaction.

Indrajit Kembhavi Principal Architect, KAF


The experience was a great blend of camaraderie with friends, old and new; introduction to some fantastic products; immersive cultural experiences and forming some special bonds with colleagues from the industry. I would recommend everyone to Experience WOV.

Iram Sultan Principal Designer, Studio Strato


WOV is conceptualized very well keeping in mind that Architects can meet in a conducive environment to interact and exchange ideas. WOV team made this happen with an added flavor of best entertainment and comforts in Istanbul. The venue and arrangement both were best in its class. As ideas of design and materials both go hand in hand, the B2B meets organized were very useful. We could make best out of every moment spent there. Many thanks to team WOV.

J P Agrawal Principal Architect, Agrawal & Agrawal


WOV was a well-curated and finely executed blend of entertainment, leisure, and knowledge-sharing. I congratulate the team on successfully gathering the Architectural fraternity together, along with several great brands of products and technology. I look forward to many more such events. Wishing you all the best!!

Naresh V Narasimhan Managing Partner, Venkataramanan Associates


WOV Istanbul was a unique event. An opportunity to meet the topmost architects of India. To be able to interact and share experiences with fraternity and industry in both formal and informal settings led to deeper understanding amongst all.

Nilabh Nagar Senior Associate Architect, Architect Hafeez Contractor


WOV is an interesting format that brings together the fraternity and the industry in an environment which is casual yet contemplative, relaxed yet raring to go. Istanbul, the melting pot of cultures, was ideal for the industry enthusiasts to work and vacation in an environment steeped in rich architectural heritage. Knowledge sharing with industry stalwarts and great brands on the banks of the Bosphorus will always be an amazingly memorable experience. Sincerest gratitude to the entire team for an unforgettable experience.

Rajiv Khanna Architect and Principal, Studio KIA


WOV encouraged great meetings of minds. Good people from the industry, joy and party like there would be no tomorrow and to glitter the best framed accurate schedule. As a representative of the Architect fraternity, it was sharing an immense learning sojourn. The one on one meet with various product leaders and construction team heads was just perfect. WOV was a perfect platform to let Principal Architect share information and party the space together with owner of various products. Salute to the team. It was a fabulous event meet.

Ravindra Kumar Design Director, Venkataramanan Associates


Very innovative Idea and going into minute details make it even more exclusive.
Great Job done by Team WOV. All the best for the Forthcoming ventures.

Reza Kabul President, ARK Reza Kabul Architects


WOV 2018 was an overwhelming experience where outstanding brands and technocrats met the designers. Thoughtful location coupled with a perfect blend of entertainment, leisure, and knowledge sharing meetings, I’m sure everyone benefitted. Architectural site visit to the Sancaklar Mosque and Zorlu Center was exceptional and refreshing. A big thank you to the Participating Brands who enthusiastically participated and supported the Event.

Sandeep Shikre President & CEO, Sandeep Shikre & Associates


WOV is really A Wow Event!!!
It’s a platform where top level Architects and Product representatives come together to exchange ideas over some exotic locales. It’s the only event where you get to see and learn about the beautiful Architecture of these historical cities. I must thank team TRACON for conceiving such a great event and taking such great care of us.

Saurabh Chatterjee Partner, Skyline Architects


Let me place on record my deep sense of appreciation and gratitude to the master of ceremonies - Salman (TRACON) for inviting me to WOV, which was brilliantly curated and wonderfully executed. It was an unforgettable five days of a wonderful mix of learning, camaraderie and fellowship. It truly WOV-ed us. A big "thank you” goes out to the Brands for their contribution and to entire TRACON team for impeccable organization skills and amazing sense of hospitality to give us all an unforgettable experience. A big thanks once again – keep WOVing!!!

Siraj hasan Architect and Interior Designer,
Siraj & Renu Architecture | Interiors


WOV Istanbul 2018 has been truly beneficial for both, Vendors and the Architects. We have worked with some of the vendors in the past and have recommended them to our Architectural colleagues and vice versa. It has instilled a lot of confidence in us to use products and services of people our colleagues recommend. Truly a program that has been a confidence building measure and exercise reaching out to both businessmen and friends.
Truly "Work on Vacation!"

Soyuz Talib Principal Architect, STAPL


I can’t think of a platform that would have more of an impact on my relationship building than one like WOV. In just 5 days I made friends for life, those who were known to me for years and also those who I had never met. It was a great knowledge sharing platform where we could meet the vendors, know their products and also build a bond with them. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to next edition of WOV.

Vivek Bhole Founder, Director and Principal Architect,
Neo Modern Architect



The knowledge session and interaction with the host vendors in the invigorating settings of the Çırağan Palace was indeed very valuable and enriching. Thank you WOV for bringing us together under this unique initiative. It was lovely to catch up with old friends and make some new ones…. great memories to cherish!!

Vivek Gupta Principal Architect, Arvind Vivek & Associates


The WOV event created a platform where we could share ideas and thoughts. The planners did an excellent job of bringing together the best of vendors, architects, designers, engineers to discuss and talk about current market and environment, in order to work together and make a difference. I found this event very beneficial as it is geared to architecture. We were able to brainstorm and share ideas on how we can all be successful and serve our clients and at the same time bring added value to our business.

Zaki Shaikh Founder and Principal Architect, Parthenon Architects


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