I cherish the wonderful interactions I had with other Architects & Designers. The presentations made by the various vendors were indeed full of knowledge and content. The one to one meetings & various interactions with the partnering product companies were very helpful in knowing the process and understanding the different products and the strategies of the company for Indian market. It would be an injustice not to mention about the immaculate itinerary prepared which was well executed as well. Big applaud to the entire team who had put all the efforts to make this event a memorable one. It was indeed a WOV experience. Looking forward for such amazing events in the future.

Ashlesh Wazkar Director, Raja Aederi Consultants pvt. ltd.


There are no words for the four days life time memorable experience I had with WOV Team. One needs to be there to self-experience every moment we’d spent together, just to know how much joy we all had in each other's company. The jokes we cracked and the light moments we spent, the knowledge we gained & shared would make me smile always. Thanks to TRACON Team for organising wonderful concept of WOV. I appreciate being a part of WOV Dubai and being taken care by the team so well. It indeed was an incredible tour. My Best Wishes With Lots Of Love & Blessings.

Ahmed Shaikh Founder & Principal Architect, AHMED & ASSOCIATES


It was quite an experience, thanks to team TRACON and the participating friends and partners. The event was well managed and the format was well designed for the interaction & interface with different manufacturers, vendors and leading successful friends in their respective fields. Overall it was a unique experience where we made new friends, got a chance to share our experience with fellow Architects from the fraternity, with lots of fun and light moments which is generally not possible in our daily busy routine. These four days were quite relaxing in the beautiful set up of Anantara, Dubai. In the end I would like to thank each and every one for the lovely time, looking forward to the next event. All the very best and keep it up.

Anil Badan Founder & Principal, STUDIO ‘B’ ARCHITECTS (SBA)



Would like to congratulate the entire team for giving us an amazing experience at the first WOV event in Dubai. The event acted as a catalyst for extremely interactive networking with key vendors and designers, both Indian as well as International. All arrangements including hotel stay, travel, excursions post the daily meetings and get-together sessions - like the beach side party, yacht party etc. were a great unwind after a hectic fun-filled day. An awesome experience overall. Cheers to WOV team who made this happen. Truly a memorable experience!

Atul Date Project Group Head, Rustomjee


WOV.... A great innovative idea of getting the cream of Architecture community and the super brands of products together on the same platform. I really benefited from the knowledge I could gather from the industry. People whom I met and the bonding which the event spurred is fantastic.

George John Director of Design, R C Architecture


I call myself very fortunate that I could attend the World Premiere of “WORK ON VACATION 2018” at Dubai. WOV - A Brain Child of TRACON, was brilliantly curated by Ar. Khozema Chitalwala. The idea of flocking together likeminded seasoned architects for four days and exposing them to very unique construction materials and capable manufactures and vendors, itself is very exceptional. The event in totality was planned seamlessly, which kept all the architects occupied minute to minute - In true sense Work On Vacation.

Ar. Chandrashekhar Kanetkar Principal Architect and chief designer,
Chandrashekhar Kanetkar Design Inc



WOV is a unique concept. For we professionals who are workaholics, this was good to work with pleasure. Knowing and sharing through other designers and vendors is one part, but other was - building up true relationship with them.

Hiren Patel Principal Architect, Hiren Patel Architects


What a fantastic concept of bringing designer fraternity and the brands together... WOV!
The thought in itself of getting top brands and architects together and spending four days without any boundaries was the key for its outstanding success. And the team’s effort by young enthusiasts took it to the next level. I would say, it was a bull’s eye... from the curatorship of Ar. Khozema Chitalwala to the innovative concept and hardcore strategizing and execution by young team of WOV.
Understanding Brands and their products, getting to know in-depth knowledge through one-on-one interactions is the need of time for designer fraternity. And the way it was coordinated through concept and getting everyone on one platform at WOV, was indeed a fantastic idea. These four days were not only a learning experience, but it was full of joy and laughter.
Wish you all the best - Team WOV and looking forward for such fantabulous events in near future. Cheers !



Work on Vacation was a great experience. The format was truly engaging, interacting with fellow and International architects, as well as meeting with different product vendors under one roof. There was never a dull moment, the event was wonderfully planned and executed by the team. Keep it up & look forward to the future editions!

Kanhai Gandhi Director & Principal Architect, KNS Architects



As a curator and the participant of “WOV - Work on Vacation World Premier”, I thank team TRACON and congratulate them for a very well detailed and coordinated event. WOV was indeed the one of the most memorable experience of fellowship within fraternity and with the industry partners. It was a great knowledge exchanging programme.
WOV Dubai was indeed a WOW experience!

Khozema Chitalwala Principal Architect, DESIGNERS GROUP,


My heartfelt thanks to ‘TRACON TRADES & CONFERENCES PVT. LTD’ for organizing one of its first kind of premium event “WOV – Work on Vacation – Dubai 2018”. We had fantastic interaction with not only National Prominent Architects but also with International Renowned Architects, and the stay at Hotel Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, Cruise by the Sea and Desert Safari were the memorable moments spent with them. The overall trip arrangement by Team TRACON was superb, with their extremely professional & enthusiastic approach. Here's to the start of a great season! One of the most pleasurable trips ever taken in Dubai with renowned architects and stalwarts, one that I have personally found overwhelming!

Ketan Sheth Founder, Managing Director & Principal Designer,
Goldmine Project Consultant pvt. ltd.


“Work on vacation - Dubai 2018”, organized by TRACON Trades & Conferences was quite an experience. It was informative and really well presented in a perfect setting of Work On Vacation.
The experience was further enhanced with the presence of selected top architectural legends, over four days. The event was especially enjoyable as it was very well planned, spaced out and in a super setting of the Anantara spa hotel in Dubai. The overall purpose of WOV 2018 was well achieved!

Milind Pai Chief Architect, Milind Pai Architects & Interior designers



On the onset, I would like to congratulate the young organisation - TRACON for successfully hosting the world premiere of WOV in Dubai. As rightly pointed out by one my friend architect, this Platform created a very friendly and informal atmosphere for designers and vendors to constructively interact. Not only we met new vendors but also discovered new products and finishing materials from the ones whom we knew. The factory and showroom visits were very exciting and informative. The evening gala parties gave us a relaxing time to unwind, exchange ideas and developing deeper and meaningful relationships with fellow designers.
A big thank you to our dear friend Khozema, for selecting an interesting group of people and mentoring such a beautiful event.
I am looking forward to meeting all the vendors who participated in immediate future to develop a working relationship. Once again, many thanks for giving us a 5-Star and meaningful experience.

Prashant Sutaria Principa l Architect, Prashant Sutaria and Associates


WOV was one of the most memorable, informative, and fun event that I have ever attended!

Nejeeb Khan Managing Director, KGD Architecture


Work on Vacation (WOV) was an exceptional networking event organized by TRACON Trades and Conferences Pvt. Ltd. The concept of getting to know fraternity peers and suppliers in an informal networking setting, be it the yacht party, or at the desert safari, was an amazing experience. It’s such a healthy experience to work while you’re playing. Over four days, I got to meet a lot of interesting people with unique experiences. The entire event was well organized, and the WOV team was a delight to interact with. When and where is the next exciting edition of WOV?

Reza Kabul President, ARK Reza Kabul Architects



Considering it was the first time, WOV was a fantastic opportunity and a well-run event for designers, architects and suppliers to meet at an exotic destination. The time away from work was well invested and interactions were a lot more personal, that would definitely facilitate future working relationships. It was a great format to connect with the fraternity and share projects, challenges & achievements. And back home with many fond memories to cherish.

Rupesh Baid Principal Interior Architect, AND Design Co.


Collaboration and knowledge sharing is the key of success – WOV!
A great concept of gathering the Architectural fraternity together along with outstanding brands of products and technology under one roof. The program was well compiled and finely executed. A perfect blend of entertainment, leisure and knowledge sharing meetings. I must say that I am benefitted. It was truly a memorable event, where I could make few amazingly talented friends and an opportunity to spend time with known buddies. We as designers, truly appreciate the enthusiasm and proactiveness expressed by all the brands for their active participation. My sincere compliments to the entire WOV team for their relentless efforts for making it a huge success.

Sandeep Shikre President+CEO, ssa architects


The event organised by WOV was extremely interactive and it gave the designers an opportunity to understand the vendors and their products in both formal and informal interactions throughout the event days, which is the key part for both designers and architects.

Sabina Reddy Director, M MOSER Associates



WOV was really Wow, the whole international experience was superb. Most of the prominent Architects and Interior Designers were all at one gathering, and I was fortunate to meet and interact with all. The highlight was meeting legendary International Ar. James Law. There was so much of learning and sharing from all, we got introduced to a lot of new products, plus had time to unwind ourselves, so it’s truly a Work on Vacation.

Summesh Menon Founder & Designer, Sumessh Menon Associates


WOV has created a great platform, where like-minded people come together to share their enormous knowledge about Architecture & Interior Solutions to the Construction Industry. WOV gives tremendous opportunity to the Architects & Interior designers to interact with some of the best vendors that has innovative products & specifications. It was a pleasure to be part of this amazing event and thank you so much for providing me an opportunity to meet some of the great personalities / veterans of the architecture & interiors society.

Senthil Kumar Design & projects Director - India, Hilton Worldwide


WOV, a very Innovative concept, was a grand success. The first event itself became a platform, where designers got the complete insight of the innovative materials, uses, applications and even the manufacturing, directly from the manufacturers. The event became a prelude to a process of coordination between the manufactures and designers, which will continue for coming years. I personally thank the organisers for conducting such fruitful event and making me part of it.

Vivek Bhole Founder & Principal Architect, Neo Modern Architects



The WOV event in Dubai, with its work and leisure concept was a great platform for younger Architects and Designers to be able to spend quality time with the senior players from the industry and learn from their experiences about the best practices in the architectural industry and benefit greatly from it. As most Architects don’t get time in their offices to update themselves of the latest trends, this event gave an opportunity to meet high quality vendors and contractors under one roof and get a “crash course” of sorts about the latest materials and services available in the market place. I wish WOV event a lot of success for the future and looking forward to future interactions.

Zaki Shaikh Founder, Parthenon Architects


It has been a much-needed relationship building activity between the creative product suppliers and the busy design professionals. The WOV team was brilliant in packaging learning and leisure together. The positivity and personal interaction was an inspiring family like experience. I wish WOV team and the sponsors a successful continuity and growth for this innovative initiative.

Vivek Singh Rathore Founder & Principal Architect, Salient design Studio




Work on Vacation - WOV, was an amazing experience for me to meet with amazing friends and colleagues of the architecture and design industry, along with the opportunity to see the latest innovative materials and products available. Set in relaxed and beautiful setting in Dubai, and filled with fun activities, WOV is truly a great concept and experience for architects and designers!

James Law Chairman & CEO , James Law Cybertecture


WOV Dubai 2018 was an excellent platform not only to meet fellow industry leaders sharing knowledge, best practices and encouraging collaborations, but also being exposed to new suppliers from India, offering unique products for hospitality projects in India and Internationally.

Binu John Director & Business Development, FBEYE INTERNATIONAL


WOV Dubai 2018 is certainly something phenomenal. Not only it was well organized and planned, but it also brought networking to a whole new different level. The consultants got to know the new products and technology whilst the suppliers got to hear what the market desires and where the design trends are heading. Professionally I have benefited so much from this event!

Frank chen Director of Procurement, Hirsch Bedner Associates



I was surprised to see so many products and materials which aren’t available in Dubai yet and they are available in India. It’s been amazing experience here. Given a chance, I would want to attend this event again.

ANSHUL MAHAJAN Project Manager, AE7


Met some really key people that can help in our future projects. A very nice selection of people, and it was worth a visit. The WOV Team has the eye for selecting people, which is most vital, in making it a niche successful engagement. Overall it was a wonderful experience at WOV.



It’s a good venture and my best wishes to WOV Team for putting up such an incredible networking event. Very informative and engaging and I wish to attend it every year.

CHIRAG NAIK Partner - Interior Designer, Wanders Werner Falasi Consulting Architects



It was good to know about lot of new products and their availability, especially what’s happening back in India. It’s always nice to know what’s happening around the world and at the same time we got to interact with many vendors and architects from around the world. It was a marvellous experience and I would like to come every year, as I am impressed by the way WOV was diligently organized.

GANGA MAHAJAN Associate, RSP Design Consultants


It’s been really good. I think, it was very useful to meet with suppliers from India coming and showcasing their products. There were some of the items and products that were not even tapped in the Dubai market. Hence, it was thoroughly useful for Dubai Architects and Designers to know what else is out there in the market. WOV experience was good as we saw some new things that we had never seen before, something new, something interesting. I really liked the fact that it was hosted in really nice place - Anantara, so it was all well done and yes I would like to come again.

KAMSIN MIRCHANDANI Senior Interior Architect, Swiss Bureau Interior Design LLC


Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event, so well planned and informative. It was a good networking event with industry specialists. Getting to know some of well capable Indian companies was really useful. Architectural speeches were inspiring and looking forward to another successful event.

LESHA FERNANDO Project Director, Hirsch Bedner Associates




It was very interesting and I love it. I didn’t think it will be this good but seems that I underestimated the event. I met some really good suppliers, which I will definitely make use of and I would love to join WOV every year.

NADA EL BAZ Project Manager, Mimar Interiors


It was very profitable, I met with a lot of manufacturer with new products. It was extremely beneficial for me to be a part of WOV, and I am looking forward to work with a lot of these vendors in near future. I wish I could go and meet them again and have a look at their factories and look at more colours of all the finishes, the beautiful finishes that I saw. Make WOV happen more often, I will definitely come!



The one to one meetings were very well planned and executed, with a good selection of overall audience. Looking forward for such amazing events in the future.
All The Best Team WOV!

SUSHMA SERIGARA Sr. Interior Designer, Swiss Bureau Interior Design LLC


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